Navigating Online Concerts & Livestreaming – the Manitoba experience

Wednesday, March 10, 2pm
Workshop Leader: Scott Carnegie

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After almost a full year without live concerts, producing digital programming is the new live. Join our four panelists Jane Ireland, Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council; Lee Beaton, Prairie Fusion Entertainment; director/filmmaker/livestream expert Scott Carnegie from Sugar Cube Entertainment; and Jorge Requena Ramos, Artistic Director from the West End Cultural Centre.
The panelists will speak to their digital experiences in particular how the transition to digital programming has been working for them. Jane Ireland has explored many lower cost/risk models including online ticketed concerts, partnering with Camrose Live to produce their concerts, and having artist self-produce. Lee Beaton from Prairie Fusion purchased their equipment, are self-producing their content and was recently mentored by Scott Carnegie to livestream from their venue. The Manitoba Arts Network partnered with West End Cultural Centre (WECC) to produce our 12 pre-recorded concerts funded by Stay Safe at Home MB. The WECC has done online ticketed concerts in the past and are currently presenting Winterruption at Home.
The panel will discuss their digital successes and challenges, the types of programming, methods of delivery (pre-recorded content vs. Live-streaming), and differences in artist contracts. Panelists will also engage in a discussion with participants on life after Stay Safe at Home MB – how do we switch from free to paid digital programming, the future of hybrid models – having people pay to attend live and for those that can’t attend pay for the livestream, potential for digital collaboration/co-production – do we all need to do our own thing or can we save money and resources by collaborating in the digital space?

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“Cultivating Buyers Through Marketing and Building Relationships – Social media Platforms, E-Newsletters, Brochures, Handbill Invites, Press releases and a Strong Website Presence.”An online marketing session with Jordan Miller 

Wednesday, March 17, 10am
Workshop Leader: Jordan Miller

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Whose responsibility is it to bring the buyers to the gallery? How do we make sales to a new audience for a new artist? How do we get the message out without overwhelming our audience? What is the best method for reaching our audience? How do we find new clients? How do we draw new audiences into a gallery? Building profiles of a new artist?

Sufficient marketing needs to be conducted by both the artist and the gallery to answer all of the questions above. Different method’s of platforms and how to use them will be covered in this seminar. Often we find people “buy who they know”. A strong online presence can help with the cause and effect of knowing without knowing them.

Learn how to create marketing strategies with the artists you represent from “Reels of experience”, “Live Paintings Sessions”, and “Stories” to adding a little extra personality to everything both the galleries and artists put online by using all the free method’s at our fingertips

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Creating the Digital Equivalent of the Live Experience

Wednesday, March 24, 10am
Workshop Leader: Larry Desrochers

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Larry Desrochers, General Director and CEO of Manitoba Opera, will speak to their recent digital projects and how they adapted the physical experience of live entertainment to audiences digitally and how they provided experiences that added value to their digital programming. Larry will unveil the Manitoba Opera’s process for determining their digital programming and their 4 key areas of focus. He will highlight successes and share learnings of their recent projects, and how they created memorable experiences as a way to connect in a valuable way with audiences during lockdown.

Some of the projects Larry will speak to are:  Digital Emerging Artist Program, virtual dinners, livestream ticketed concerts, Stay Safe at Home MB – The Barber of Seville featuring Al Simmons, I Love to Read Month digital project and opera quiz gameshow. Larry will wrap the session up with a discussion on scaling up for next season – how to transition from digital to live using baby steps.

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