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“Action Planning to Power Up the Arts in Manitoba” with Inga Petri

Friday June 18, 12-2pm
Workshop Leader: Inga Petri of Strategic Moves.

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Following the first Power Up the Arts workshop/discussion, this working session will:

  1. Review priority areas for digital collaboration identified in our April 24 meeting alongside the online survey results
  2. Agree on three to five priority areas for concerted, collaborative action
  3. Undertake initial action planning in each of these areas
  4. Establish how the group and sub-groups will work together


You may access the meeting using your laptop (recommended) or your smartphone.  We recommend that you use a stable internet connect as using data may incur excessive data usage/cost on your phone which MAN is not responsible for.

The following is a step-by-step guide for successfully attending our Zoom meeting:

1. Prior to joining the meeting, download the free Zoom app to your device by visiting When you set up your account, use the same name you’ve used when initially registering for the AGM (your name, not your organization’s name).

2. To join the meeting, click on the link provided in the registration confirmation email we sent you. You’ll be directed to the meeting and placed in the “waiting room” until we promote you to panelist. 

Join early! Our team will be monitoring registrants and we will “lock” access when the meeting at 2.15pm which will prevent you from joining past the start time.

 3. You may be asked to confirm that you want to use your device’s camera and/or mic. Once you’ve confirmed, your camera will be on; you will have the option to turn off your camera if you desire. You will be automatically muted when you join. If you have a question or would like to comment when appropriate, we will be able to unmute you.

 4. To raise your hand on your device:

1. On laptops, hover over your screen and you’ll see the “raise hand” option            

appear at the bottom of the screen.

2. On smartphones, touch your screen, click on the “more” icon at the bottom right hand corner, and select “raise hand.”

5. You will be invited to ask questions or comment in the CHAT BOX. If required, we will invite you to turn on your microphone in order to have a full discussion. To access the chat box:

                1. On laptops, hover over your screen and you’ll find the chat box at the bottom.

                2. On smartphones, touch your screen, click on “participants,” then click on the

                “Chats” icon at the bottom of your screen. To exit the chat box, click on your 

                device’s “back” button.

Got questions, please contact Sarah Brereton, the Program Coordinator at Manitoba Arts Network. Tel: 204.943.0036  Email: 

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