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Membership Application & Renewal

Application and Payment

Select the correct membership level button below, and a membership application will appear. Fill the form and select payment option. If you are paying by cheque, fill in the form, select payment by cheque, and send to 203-100 Arthur Street Winnipeg MB R3B 1H3.

The Manitoba Arts Network’s membership year runs from July 1 to June 30, with annual dues of $100.00 for organizations and $25 for individuals. All community arts and cultural organizations in the province are eligible to become members of the Network. As a member, your organization will be eligible to participate fully in any and all of the Network’s programs.

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Full Member

Any not-for-profit arts and cultural organization which has a constitution, an elected Board of Directors, and has been in existence in Manitoba for a minimum of one year.  Voting privileges: each full member in good standing is entitled to one vote per organization. There are no voting privileges by proxy. Full memberships are $100.

Associate Member

Any not-for-profit organization that is not eligible for full membership. Associate members do not have voting privileges. Associate memberships are $100.

Individual Member

Anyone who is a supporter of arts and culture, a performing artist, or a visual artist. Individual members do not have voting privileges. Individual memberships are $25.

Not sure about which category you fit into?  Contact us by email:, or by phone, 204.943.0036!