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Ask an Expert Meetings

Ask an Expert Meetings

Available at Manitoba Showcase

Friday October 27, 4-5pm
Saturday October 28, 11:45am-12:45pm

Pre-Registration Required

Location: Mennonite Heritage Centre – Auditorium

Sessions are 20 minutes with each expert


Attending an Ask an Expert meeting can be a valuable investment of time and effort for anyone looking to expand their knowledge, seek guidance, or make meaningful connections in the arts and culture sphere. It’s an opportunity to engage with experts who can provide valuable insights and potentially have a significant impact on your professional or your organization’s journey.

*Note: Registration is required as we cannot guarantee you will be able to participate in the session if you show up day-of.


Trudy Schroeder
Trudy Schroeder

Trudy Schroeder – Arts Consultant & Strategic Planning

Available Friday & Saturday

Arrange a meeting with Trudy Schroeder to explore various aspects of your strategic planning and organizational development. This meeting can encompass discussions related to your strategic direction, audience engagement, program development, marketing, promotion, and more. Trudy Schroeder can provide valuable insights and guidance in these areas to enhance your overall strategy and success.

Inga Petri
Inga Petri

Inga Petri – Digital Strategist

Available Friday & Saturday

Engage Inga in a conversation to explore membership/subscription models, arts marketing plans, and effective digital strategies that can elevate your organization’s outreach and overall success. Delve into best practices for crafting brand identities, designing effective websites, honing communication strategies, and implementing marketing tactics that resonate with your target audiences.

Axis Theatre Company

Petrice Brett – Axis Theatre Company

Available Friday & Saturday

If you’re interested in booking a theatre company or performance but are uncertain about the logistics and how to make it work seamlessly, Petrice Brett from Axis Theatre Company can provide expert guidance. She can walk you through the essential steps to best prepare for a theatre performance for your audience, offering valuable insights on marketing and promotion strategies, ticketing, scheduling, and more to ensure a successful and memorable event.

Brendan McKeen

Brendan McKeen, Board Chair – Manitobans For the Arts

Available Friday & Saturday

Manitobans for the Arts is here to listen. What are your needs and challenges? How can we better serve you? Join Brendan McKeen, Chair of Manitobans for the Arts, and express your concerns about the sector so we can build a better arts sector for ALL of Manitoba.

Manitoba Arts Council

Manitoba Arts Council

Two Slots Available Friday & Saturday

Connecting with the experts from the Manitoba Arts Council can be a multifaceted experience that goes beyond just seeking funding. It can provide artists and cultural organizations with valuable guidance, resources, and connections to enhance their creative endeavors, advance their careers, and contribute to the vibrant arts community in Manitoba.

Canadian Heritage

Nicole Tamoto and Chantal Rougeau – Canadian Heritage

Available Friday & Saturday

Interested in a conversation about federal funding and grants available through Canadian Heritage? Explore a wide range of topics, including checking the status of your application, learning about the various funding programs offered by Canadian Heritage, and discovering effective ways for your organization to maximize the benefits of its programming.

Rhonda Head

Rhonda Head – Indigenous Programs Coordinator

Available Saturday

Manitoba Arts Network’s Indigenous Programs Coordinator Rhonda Head can discuss more about MAN’s Indigenous touring program and/or how to develop relationships with neighboring Indigenous communities.

Jenel Shaw

Jenel Shaw, Executive Director – Arts Accessibility Network Manitoba

Available Friday & Saturday

Discover the comprehensive offerings of the Arts Accessibility Network Manitoba (AANM) and gain insights into how their extensive online resource collection can assist both you and your organization in seamlessly integrating accessibility across all aspects of your programming.

Briana Doyle

Briana Doyle – Digital Marketing Strategist

Available Friday & Saturday

Briana has collaborated closely with the Manitoba Arts Network to create digital social media assets accessible to all delegates. Connect with her to tap into her expertise and glean insights on the most effective marketing practices that you or your organization can integrate into your programming promotion efforts. She can also provide guidance on where to begin implementing these strategies.

David K
David Klassen

David Klassen, Executive Director – Steinbach Arts Council & Community Outreach

Available Friday & Saturday

Engage in a conversation with David from the Steinbach Arts Council to delve into their array of community outreach programs and their track record of hosting successful fundraising events. Explore what strategies and practices have proven effective for SAC, and consider how these insights can be adapted and applied to benefit your own organization.