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Sarah Fuller
Birds and Books | Sarah Fuller

Medium: collage; video
Number of works: 14

The Birds and Books series was made in response to the Coutts farm in southern Alberta and use Jim Coutts long relationship with the region as inspiration for the work. Jim kept a daily journal that recorded the birds sited on his property throughout the course of the year. This journal reflected a continued intimate dialog with the land and its rhythms. Within the Coutts homestead there is also a comprehensive library of historical texts, alongside bird drawings and paintings of the surrounding landscape. All these types of medium combined comprise a complex archive of place reflected through the prism of a domestic interior.

Birds and Books is comprised of 12 archival inkjet prints (7”x6.5”), framed, and two video works.

Cathie Ugrin Northern LIghts
Manitoba Moments | Textile and Fibre Artist of Manitoba

Medium: textile
Number of works: 53 (8 ½” x 11”)

In any season, rural or urban, Manitoba is a beautiful province. TFAM members have recreated their special moment or memory of Manitoba in fibre. Which one will resonate with you?
Exhibit Contents: 53 wall-mounted journal size (8 ½” x 11”) Landscape orientation. Each piece has an information card with Title, Artist’s name and sale price. A book with Images, Artist Statements and Bios is available for display. Hanging Slats for each piece included. 

Mary Lowe
Whimsical Meanderings | Mary Lowe

Medium: painting
Number of works: 14  

Mary Lowe’s paintings focus’s on visual qualities of watercolour pigment, dropped in water, with salt applied in areas. Her works discover images hidden within the painting. Fourteen paintings are 36 x 27 inches, framed and ready to hang.

Jan Jenkins Fragmented Horizons
Into the Wind | Jan Jenkins

Medium: linocut, collage, oil pastel, monoprint, pen&ink, watercolour, fabric, words
number of works: 32

Into the Wind is a series of artworks and poem that are based on the artists reoccurring dream. In the dream Jan rises from the ground and flies over land toward distant horizons. The dream is powerful and represents freedom from fears and anxiety, courage to experience unexplored new horizons, remaining calm and confident while faced with the unknown and hopeful of new beginnings. The “In The Wind” poem and art series explores my initial pen and ink zenwork “In The Wind”.

2022 Exhibitions
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Raven Life – Rosemary Dzus

Regardless of the speculations, ravens are fascinating creatures, and have been appearing in mythology and folklore for centuries, including the indigenous cultures of Scandinavia, ancient Ireland and Wales, North America, and Siberia. In many cultures, the common raven has been revered as a spiritual figure or godlike creature. In others, the raven has become a figure of doom. 

I have been an admirer of ravens for a number of years, and see them as creatures of mystery rather than as harbingers of doom. They seem to be keen observers of their surroundings, and appear to know much more than they are able or willing to share. My fascination with these birds has resulted in a series of larger than life size acrylic paintings of ravens engaged in various activities and attitudes.

“Revolting” – Artworks inspired by the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike – Frost Shield Kerfuffle

Inspired by the events surrounding the 1919 strike, “REVOLTING!” is a unique exhibition showcasing original artworks by the Frost Shield Kerfuffle Collective. Artists Cullen Bingeman, Michael Boss, Evin Collis, Kelly-Jo Dorvault, Patricia Eschuk, Peter Graham, Kenneth Harasym, Chris Simonite, and Diana Thorneycroft present works that re-imagine iconic images associated with the strike, along with explorations into its repercussions and the continuum of the class struggle. Artistic approaches to this subject matter range from a tongue in cheek parody of classic moments to sombre reflections on some of the tragic characters and circumstances that make up this historical event.

Forest Royalty – Kathleen Shellrude

Forest Royalty is a story of seeking the divine and connecting with those whose wisdom is seemingly too sweet for this world. I trace star maps. I crown the Bear. The Owl calls my name. Insects remind me that the cycle of life always brings new birth and hope. In my heart, and in my life, I honour the beasts who give grace and mercy and expect nothing in return.

Like nature, these pieces are multi-layered. The forest, the ocean, as well as our modern world are layered with challenges and puzzles; not to be solved, but to be witnessed.

Gerry Ruecker
Undiscarded: ReForm/ReFunction – Gerry Ruecker

Discarded and cast off objects, such as fragments of old furniture and building materials, rusted pieces of metal, and various other disused and disposed of items are prominent, highlighting their unique, well-worn beauty.

These crude, rough objects, along with deteriorated mirrors, are blended with and enclosed within a mash-up of cheap, highly decorative baroque-influenced picture frames. The resulting pieces embrace contradiction on numerous levels, functioning as both an homage to, as well as a caricature of a centuries-old style still viewed as ‘classy’.

Past Exhibitions 2020

A Year on the Water - Rosemary Dzus
A Year on the Water – Rosemary Dzus

A Year on the Water | Rosemary Dzus

medium: painting
number of works: 365 small paintings 5″x7″ mounted on 12 sheets of paper 36″ x 27″

A Year on the Water is a year’s worth of paintings of a single view of the marina harbour in Leamington, Ontario. Every morning at 7:30 a.m. the artist photographed this view and documented it in painting. The artist embarked on this project to develop her understanding of water and sky and the rendering of these phenomena on a two dimensional surface. At a first look it is a straightforward collection of studies of natural elements. As the body of work grew, the artist saw this as a daily journal illustrating the variations of light, weather, clouds and wind. The project is about time, grief and the ephemeral nature and insubstantiality of our impressions and experiences.

Current Bookings:

  • February 2020: Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council, Killarney
  • March 2020: Arts Forward, Neepawa
  • September 2020: Burrow Trails Arts Council, McCreary
  • October 2020: Burrow Trails Arts Council, McCreary
  • November 2020: The Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • December 2020: The Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • January 2021: Pembina Hills Arts Council, Morden
  • July 2021: Wasagaming (Wasagaming Community Arts Council) 

View images of the exhibition here. Book now: email or call 204-943-0036

Cleft in the rock - Heather Martens Rempel
Cleft in the rock – Heather Martens Rempel

Biophilia | Heather Martens Rempel

medium: mono print, collage
number of works: 20

Biophilia is an exhibition of collages and mono prints that have taken inspiration from design elements found in Manitoba’s wild spaces. Heather’s collages are made of hand printed papers, and pieces range from images of rock formations to a large moose to a fantastical vision of a Korean eon through the image of an angel’s wing wearing down a granite mountain.

Influences for Biophilia include the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy and writings of Barbara Huck, Doug Whiteway and Bill Redekop. The Manitoba landscape is further inspiration, its shorelines and landscapes, filled patterns and colour combinations, the province’s geological origins and ongoing evolution. The scope and magnitude of landscape gave the artist a renewed respect for the powers at play in our changing world. All of these things swirl in her imagination as she roams the shorelines of Manitoba’s lakes. The artist also addresses waste management in her work through using found materials and reusing tools that are considered single use.

Current Bookings: 

  • April 2020: Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council, Killarney
  • May workshop at the Classic Garden, Birtle 
  • December 2020: Burrows Trails Arts Council, McCreary
  • January 2021: Burrows Trails Arts Council, McCreary

View images of the exhibition here. Book now: email or call 204-943-0036

Loricia Matheson
Loricia Matheson

Latent Injuria | Loricia Pacholko-Matheson:

medium: ceramic
number of works: 54

Latent Injuria is fifty-one ceramic bullets installed on a plinth or the floor. This exhibition invites participants to handle the work, turn over the bullets and discover that each one contains art inside. This work is “Art you can touch” which defies historical conventions. Latent Injuria was made to commemorate the artist 51st birthday and to celebrate her tenacious memory. The interior contents are varied, obscure, recognizable, compiled of remnants and up cycled materials adds to the mystery.  The viewer is invited to engage with the work.

Current Bookings:

  • August 2020: NorVA, Flin Flon 
  • October 2020: Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council
  • June 2020: Wasagaming (Wasagaming Community Arts)

View images of the exhibition here. Book now: email or call 204-943-0036

Prairie Days | Hélène Blanchet
Prairie Days | Hélène Blanchet

Prairie Days | Hélène Blanchet 

medium: textile art
number of works: 14

Prairie Days is a series of folk art quilts by Nova Scotia artist Hélène Blanchet. Featured on each quilt are textile elements in hand sewing, embroidery and beading. Prairie Days reflect the feelings and experiences the artist experienced during her recent move from Nova Scotia to Calgary. Newly arriving to the prairies to enter the realm of the unexplored is expressed in bold and vibrant colours. Each quilt is brought to life in the minute details. In keeping with the traditional arts, all her work is hand-made.

Current Bookings:

  • May 2020 – Dauphin (Watson Art Centre)
  • June 2020 – North Dakota/Boissevain (International Peace Gardens)
  • July 2020 – McCreary (Burrows Trails Arts Council)
  • August 2020 – McCreary (Burrows Trails Arts Council)
  • November 2020 – Neepawa (Arts Forward)
  • December 2020 – The Pas (Sam Waller Museum)
  • January 2021 – The Pas (Sam Waller Museum)
  • February 2021 -Gimli (New Iceland Heritage Museum)
  • March 2021- Gimli (New Iceland Heritage Museum)
  • April 2021 – Gimli (New Iceland Heritage Museum)  
  • May 2021 – Killarney (Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council)
  • June 2021 – Dauphin (Watson Art Centre)

View images of the exhibition here. Book now: email or call 204-943-0036


Déterré/Unearthed | Candace Lipischak - Night
Déterré/Unearthed | Candace Lipischak – Night

Déterré/Unearthed | Candace Lipischak

presented in partnership with La Maison des artistes visuels francophones 

medium: sculpture
number of works: 17
J’ai toujours eu un intérêt pour les objets du passé. En marchant sur ma propriété, dont l’origine remonte au début des années 1900, j’ai découvert de nombreux objets jetés le long de la rive de la Rivière-aux-Rats. Chacun d’eux amène son lot de questions: qui l’a utilisé? dans quel but? pourquoi a-t-il été jeté et quand? Bien que je sois désolée de voir tous ces débris anciens, je réalise que Mère Nature prospère malgré leur présence et coexiste avec ces objets. Faisant coexister le passé et le présent, Déterré parle de l’adaptation de notre environnement à l’évolution et aux enjeux de notre société. 

I’ve always had an affinity for bygone objects. Walking my property, which dates back to the early 1900’s, I discovered many discarded items along the embankment of the Rat River. Each brought forth the inevitable questions; ‘Who used them? What was their purpose? Why were they cast away and when?’ Although I was disheartened to see all this antiquated debris, I realized that Mother Nature still thrived and together they coexisted. Integrating the past and the present, Déterré/Unearthed speaks of our environment’s adaptation to evolution and the issues impacting our society.

Current Bookings:

  • December 2019 – Brandon (Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba)
  • January 2020 – Brandon (Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba)
  • February 2020 – Brandon (Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba)
  • March 2020 – St. Georges (Winnipeg River Heritage Museum)
  • April 2020 – St. Georges (Winnipeg River Heritage Museum)
  • May 2020 – St. Georges (Winnipeg River Heritage Museum)
  • July 2020 – Gimli (New Iceland Heritage Museum)
  • August 2020 – Gimli (New Iceland Heritage Museum)
  • September 2019 – Holland (Tiger Hills Arts Association)
  • October 2019 – Holland (Tiger Hills Arts Association)
  • November 2019 – Holland (Tiger Hills Arts Association)
  • December 2020 – Killarney (Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council)
  • February 2021 – McCreary (Burrows Trails Arts Council)  
  • March 2021 – McCreary (Burrows Trails Arts Council)  

View images of the exhibition here.  

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