Antarctica: Layers of Time, Beautiful Monsters

Artist: Hugh Conacher In the three weeks Hugh spent in the Antarctic, he captured over 10,000 images of mountains and ice and animals and rust. Although the editing process was ongoing, it wasn’t until he returned home that he … Read more

Celebrate Canada

Artist: Yvette Cuthbert Celebrate Canada is 150 acrylic paintings that evoke Canadian identity, pride, and reflection on what it truly means to be Canadian. Painted in predominantly red and white with the use of strategic yellow and black highlights. … Read more


Artists: Karen Cornelius & Peter Tittenberger Displacement is a reflection on a personal family history of displacement and a reflection on the plight of displaced peoples more generally. It is based on the idea of the unwanted; people that have … Read more

Mobile App

Performing Arts Canada: Manitoba Arts Network Introducing the go to mobile app that promotes performances and exhibitions to audiences across Manitoba. Curious about what arts events you can attend across the province? The Manitoba Arts Network app is your … Read more


_______________________________________________________________________________________ Accessibility Information for 2018 Showcase Canad Inns Portage la Prairie (2401 Saskatchewan Ave) is the primary location for this year’s Manitoba Showcase. The basement of Canad Inns is, unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible. Located down one flight of stairs … Read more