Visual Arts

Call for Submissions for our 2019-2021 Touring Exhibition Program:Tour your Art with the Manitoba Arts Network! Our Touring Exhibition Program tours a variety of locations within Manitoba as well extending to some areas of North Western Ontario & North Dakota. Information and application forms are found here:


The Manitoba Arts Network’s Visual Arts Program includes an active exhibition touring schedule, professional development opportunities for emerging visual artists, and exhibition opportunities for artists based in rural communities.

Touring Exhibition Program

Manitoba Arts Network’s Exhibition Program tours visual art throughout the province of Manitoba. The program provides Rural and Northern Communities the opportunity to exhibit quality work.
M.A.N.’s touring exhibitions balances a variety of media and themes, including both traditional and contemporary artwork.

To find out about the exhibitions currently on tour please click here

Proposals will be accepted from artists, independent curators, exhibitors, and organizations. Multiple submissions will also be accepted as long as it is for different work. Emerging and professional artists from both urban and rural Manitoba are encouraged to apply.

Programs for Artists

The Visual Arts Program supports visual art and artists in rural areas through the Rural Art Mentorship Program (or RAMP) and the annual Manitoba Rural & Northern Art Juried Show. RAMP provides artists in Manitoba’s rural regions the opportunity to work with a professional artist acting as a mentor. The mentor will help guide the program’s participants in developing their artistic voice and bodies of work. The mentorship program gives artists the chance to connect with other emerging artists in their areas; developing contacts and friendships. The Rural & Northern Show, meanwhile, is an annual event that showcases some of the best art that non-urban Manitoba has to offer.