Block Booking Program

Take advantage of collective buying power to book performing artist tours at reduced fees.

Book a Showcasing Artist – Visit the exhibitor page from Manitoba Showcase:

Find out more info by emailing the Performing Arts Coordinator at performingarts(at)mbartsnet(dot)ca

MAN coordinates performance tours through our Block Booking process. Our Performing Arts Coordinator facilitates discussions amongst our members collecting the interest from presenters in the performances they saw at Manitoba Showcase and want to bring to their communities. The goal is to foster collaboration between communities in order to take advantage of collective buying power to book performing artists from across Canada (and sometimes internationally) at reduced fees. This process allows presenters to bring in performers they could not otherwise afford.

An average touring season coordinated by MAN yields:

10-15 tours
50-60 performances in member communities across Manitoba
attended by over 10,000 Manitobans
resulting in up to $190,000 in artist fees throughout the year

What are the benefits?

MAN liaises between presenters and artists/agents over 5 months (November – March) to collect bids from presenters and submit tour offers to the showcasing artists/agents, saving both the presenters and the artists time and money. Participating in a block booked tour can offer reduced artists rates, sometimes up to $500, compared to booking an artist independently.

How do artists participate

From February to March artists apply to I Want to to apply for an opportunity to perform a 20-minute live showcase (sample of their show) to a dedicated audience of presenters and buyers. 15 performing artists are selected by a jury, featuring a wide range of genres and disciplines. MAN is committed to ensuring equity, inclusivity, and representation in our sector.

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Interested in booking an artist? Here’s how:

  • Both members and non-members can book artists. Members pay a 5% booking fee, and non-members pay 8%. Click here to become a member.
  • Review the list of artists and identify the top 8-10 artists you are interested in.
  • Identify the months of the season you are open.
  • Determine the day of the week that would be your ideal performance day.
  • Contact the Performing Arts Coordinator and include the above information.
  • The coordinator will send you a link to our online block booking spreadsheet.
  • Determine what price you are willing to pay for each artist.
  • Submit a confidential bid to MAN January/February. Link to bidding guide here.
  • Artist accepts/negotiates/declines the collective offer submitted by MAN.
  • MAN issues artist/presenter agreements for digital signing.
  • MAN pays the artist directly and invoices you for the artist fee and a 5% booking fee one month prior to the performance date.
  • MAN sends you a performance evaluation to complete.