MAN Unveils Exciting Lineup for 2023 Manitoba Showcase and RBC Touring & Showcase Program 

Sep 19, 2023 | Front page

Showcasing Artists poster for the 2023 Manitoba Showcase Conference
Showcasing Artists poster for the 2023 Manitoba Showcase Conference

Winnipeg, Manitoba, September 19, 2023 – Manitoba Arts Network (MAN) is thrilled to announce the eagerly anticipated lineup for the 2023 Manitoba Showcase Conference, taking place from October 26 to 29 in Steinbach, Manitoba. This year’s event promises to be a dynamic convergence of talent, featuring both established showcasing artists and emerging artists, all set to captivate audiences and industry professionals alike.

The 2023 Manitoba Showcase Conference is a unique gathering that brings together presenters, showcasing artists, and emerging talents. Presenters from various regions in Manitoba attend the conference to connect with artists across different disciplines that suit their programming needs and budgets. It serves as a platform for presenters to begin booking artists for their upcoming seasons and beyond.

“MAN plays a pivotal role as the sole organization coordinating performing arts and visual art showcases and tours in rural Manitoba” explains Rose-Anne Harder, Executive Director of Manitoba Arts Network. “This collective effort harnesses the power of group purchasing, enabling presenters to book performing artists at reduced fees through our Block Booking Program.”

Featured 2023 Showcasing Artists

The 2023 Manitoba Showcase proudly features a stellar lineup of showcasing artists, spanning a wide range of artistic disciplines. These artists are set to showcase their talents to a diverse audience of presenters and industry experts:

  • Rum Ragged (Folk | Region: Newfoundland)
  • Proximus 5 (A Cappella | Region: Manitoba)
  • Kirk Dunn (Theatre | Region: Ontario)
  • Allison Lupton (Folk | Region: Ontario)
  • Raine Hamilton (Contemporary Folk | Region: Manitoba)
  • Orantes Guitarists (Classical | Region: Ontario)
  • Dirty Catfish Brass Band (Jazz | Region: Manitoba)
  • Adrian Sutherland (Roots/Rock | Region: Ontario)
  • Radius (A Cappella | Region: Illinois)
  • Micah! (Children’s Entertainment | Region: Manitoba)
  • Buck Twenty (Country | Region: Ontario)
  • A.R CASH (Tribute Band | Region: Manitoba)

“Performance art needs to meet its audience, and showcasing is a great way to make that happen” expresses Raine Hamilton, a contemporary folk artist from Manitoba, who will participate in this year’s conference. “I have been able to connect with concert presenters all across Canada at regional showcases, and those connections have led to years of touring, years of connecting with audiences far and wide.”

The RBC Touring & Showcasing Program

In collaboration with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Manitoba Arts Network proudly presents the RBC Touring & Showcasing Program. This program is dedicated to supporting Indigenous and equity-seeking artists, providing invaluable resources and a platform to launch their careers. 

Through the RBC Touring & Showcase Program, these talented musicians will benefit from invaluable opportunities for training, mentorship, and live showcase at the 2023 Manitoba Showcase Conference:

  • OG KOY (from the Dominican Republic to Manitoba)
  • Emma Peterson (from Winnipegosis, Manitoba)
  • YBK Shakur (from Nigeria to Manitoba)
  • Sadie Cyr (from Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  • Orvis (from Cross Lake, Manitoba)
  • DJ Digger Jones (from Brandon, Manitoba)

We invite residents of Steinbach and neighbouring communities to join us for an exhilarating musical experience on October 27th and 28th at Steinbach Regional Secondary School. Showcasing program and public ticket information are available at

About Manitoba Showcase Conference

The Manitoba Arts Network is a leading organization that showcases performing arts and visual arts and coordinates tours in rural Manitoba. The Manitoba Showcase Conference is a vital networking event where presenters and artists come together to forge collaborations and bookings. Showcase engages over 150 delegates including artists, presenters, agents, managers, and industry stakeholders to exchange ideas and develop and rekindle relationships. MAN liaises between presenters across Manitoba and artists/agents to collect bids from presenters and submit tour offers to the showcasing artists/agents. Besides being an opportunity to showcase, the conference also features seminars, workshops, visual art exhibitions, one-on-one meetings, an artist trade show exhibit room, and networking events. 

About the RBC Emerging Artists program

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a leading Canadian financial institution known for its commitment to supporting communities and the arts. RBC recognizes the challenges many artists face as they strive to gain the recognition, they need to become successful in their respective fields. Since 2007, the RBC Emerging Artists program has been dedicated to supporting organizations that provide the best opportunities for advancing artists’ career trajectories in various genres, including visual arts, music, theatre, dance, literature, and film. Through this program, RBC aims to nurture the growth and development of emerging artists across diverse artistic disciplines.”

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Rose-Anne Harder
Director, Manitoba Arts Network