Concerts in Care

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In partnership with the Health Arts Society the Manitoba Arts Network‘s Concerts in Care program (CiC) brings professional musicians to long-term care homes in rural and northern Manitoba. We work closely with a variety of performing artists to schedule performances in personal care homes across the province. Concerts in Care is a program that fulfills the Manitoba Arts Networks’ mandate to create opportunities for everyone to experience and participate in arts. The first year (2015-2016) was a huge success, and thanks to our donors we are still able to continue offing the program into 2019.

To learn more about this program or to schedule a performance in your community, contact our Performance Arts Coordinator Thomas Kintel .

Artist Don Amero giving an interview on Global TV:  Watch it here! 

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by Jen Zoratti, Winnipeg Free Press, Sept. 17, 2015


Concerts in Care
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