Touring Readiness Program

Touring Readiness Program

A partnership between the Manitoba Arts Network and the Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals

Applications Now Closed

This free program is for 3 Manitoba and 3 Saskatchewan theatre artists. The 12 online zoom sessions will be facilitated by critically-acclaimed theatre artist Stephanie Morin-Robert (currently on a 2-month tour) ( Known for Blindside and Eye Candy.

Who is it for?

This program is intended for smaller theatre companies and independent theatre shows (including Fringe theatre) with up to 5 actors, using minimal sets and lighting, and with an ideal show length of 60-90 minutes.

When is it?

The 12 online sessions and one-on-ones will be scheduled from September 2022 to February 2023.

How are applicants selected?

Applicants will be selected by the program leader Stephanie Morin-Robert.

What’s included?

Intros – Getting to know you 

The program will begin with individual meetings so that the facilitator, Stephanie Morin-Robert, can get to know each participant and their needs to set the scene for the whole program. 

Group Sessions

Stephanie will lead 12 group online webinars/workshops, once a week for 12 weeks, 90 minutes each. There will also be guest speakers brought in to speak on key topics.


Once the group training is complete each participant will receive two, one-on-one 1-hour sessions (catered training). There would be time in between each session for the participant to do some homework and then get feedback at the second and final one-on-one session.

Performance Recording

In order to pitch or apply to showcases you will need video, so we will pay for the venues and technicians to professionally record your full length show. You will have a full day in the venue to do this and you will also get professional photos. Participants will be required to cover  expenses relating to actors, props, costumes, sets, makeup etc. Saskatchewan participants will record in either Saskatoon or Regina and Manitoba participants in Winnipeg. (Manitoba participants, this component is pending funding from Canada Council).

Program Outline

  • Tips and tricks for showcase applications
  • How to showcase & network
  • How to Pitch your show
  • Preparing for your Showcase recording (includes mock showcase performance)
  • Marketing, branding and creating Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)
  • Planning and booking shows
  • Contract negotiations, tech info sheet & pricing
  • Finding & building an audience
  • Self presenting 101 – filling in touring gaps
  • Funding & sponsors
  • Touring on the road & digitally
  • Wikidata listings

What will I get out of this?

  • You will have showcase ready clips so that you can apply to Showcases across Canada and internationally. 
  • You will know of all the applications and conferences and be ready to apply when applications open in February.
  • You will have video footage ready to have a profile on  – online performing arts marketplace connecting artists to buyers
  • The Manitoba Arts Network will connect you with other provincial networks.
  • MB Showcase – annual booking & networking conference participants will be offered a Showcase spot over future years starting in MB Showcase 2023. MB Arts Network will work to block book your show with any resulting interest.

What do we mean by Showcasing and Touring? 

Touring is when a theatre company wants to get their show booked for a tour of consecutive show dates within a given province (a tour could consist of 3-10 performances scheduled consecutively all in different communities). In some provinces such as Manitoba the provincial network acts as a liaison between the artist and communities/presenters/buyers to coordinate or block book the tour dates and negotiate contracts).

Touring is an industry valued at over 4 million in Canada. The majority of touring artists that are booked are musicians; theatre is desired but there aren’t a lot of shows showcasing (opportunity).There are networks in each province across Canada that produce an annual conference that showcase multidisciplinary artists. A showcase is on stage with full lighting and sound in front of an audience of presenters/buyers. The artist performs for 15-20 minutes which gives the presenters/buyers an idea of what they would be buying.

Following a showcase there is opportunity for artists to speak directly to the buyers to try to sell their show. Following the conference, within each province, 100’s of performances are booked as a direct result of these showcases. Presenters/buyers offer full negotiated artist fees for shows which can range from $1500 – $10,000 per show depending on location, size of venue and size of cast.

Stephanie Morin-Robert

Stephanie is a critically acclaimed Canadian comedian and multidisciplinary artist who successfully and extensively tours to recognized festivals, venues and clubs across the globe. Her work as a performing artist has been celebrated by a wide range of audiences, critics and producers with sold out runs, raving 5 star reviews, and multiple awards underlining her outstanding talent, professionalism and charm.

As the co-artistic director, performer and choreographer for the company For Body And Light (a collaboration with Montreal based spoken word artist and musician Ian Ferrier), she has created three productions that merge storytelling and dance to portray the might of Canada’s climate and the perseverance of Canadians. Since debuting at Montreal’s Tangente, Coming And Going, Bear Dreams and Within | Between have been celebrated at festivals in every major Canadian city and have left critics talking in superlatives.

Stephanie is known throughout the Canadian arts-community for her vibrant spirit and talent to inspire. When she was 2 years-old she lost her left eye to Cancer and has had a glass eye ever since.  Thought her performances, she establishes a trusting and safe environment by sharing her very own experiences with bullying and how she managed to work through her insecurities and come to terms with her disability.