Exploring the Self

Artist: Gabriela Aguero

Touring September 2017 – December 2018
Booking Fee: $150 members / $250 non-members

Gabriela Agüero’s self-portraits describe the transformation she went through after years of not making art while raising children. Exploring the Self is about identity. Images in the paintings and collages are of cocoons and nature representing her metamorphosis to making art again. Coincidentally, the year the work was made, she rescued a baby crow that lived with her family. At this time, Gabriela made a number of drawings that helped her understand similarities and difference between humans and animals. Gabriela’s deep relationship to nature is expressed in the paintings where the landscape becomes part of the figure. This relates to her veganism and admiration for life.

This body of work was a fundamental transition into working with photography and projection. Although she has worked across different mediums, this series is a symbol of the courage she had to muster in order to create.

Artist Biography

Gabriela was born in Cordoba, Argentina where she grew up during a military dictatorship. She emigrated to Canada in 1985 and lived in England and Australia. She holds a BFA Hon, painting from the University of Manitoba and an MFA, painting from Louisiana State University. Her recent work is informed by the many years of silence as a visual artist while raising four children as a single parent. As her large format paintings of the past, this new body of work elevates the figure in nature exploring the constraints of the persona of the artist as the image maker addressing ideas of isolation, meditation, and the self.