Celebrate Canada

Artist: Yvette Cuthbert

Celebrate Canada is 150 acrylic paintings that evoke Canadian identity, pride, and what it means to be Canadian. This artist chose to paint ritualistically in predominantly red and white with the use of strategic yellow and black highlights. Yvette Cuthbert has created a wide variety of works on themes of Indigenous cultures, nature, sports, childhood memories, iconic people, historical sites, historical benchmarks, inventions and industry. She designed this installation to keep images referring to Canada’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms together to assist tour guides in their programming.

This tour will exhibit 75 of the 150 paintings in this series. Each one-foot square painting will hang 2″ between the next, starting 5 feet from floor to ceiling. The hanging of this show will be salon style.

Cuthbert is fascinated by Canadian icons. These include the Whiteshell petroforms, pictographs in Writing on Stone Provincial Park (AB), and an image of a thousand-year-old Viking home. There is an ice fisherman, a bombardier, the Snowbirds airplane acrobats, a combine, an oil rig, logging truck, coast guard ship, Haida totem poles, animal carvings, smoking salmon, jingle dress, Inuit hunters, an igloo, white water rafting image with Pierre and Justin Trudeau. There are national parks and so many animals: narwhals, beluga whales, seals, beaver, caribou, grizzly catching fish, polar bear, moose, and puffins. Paintings include celebrities: curling icon Jennifer Jones, fiddler Natalie McMaster, ballerina Eveline Hart, skier Nancy Greene, figure skater Karen Magnusson, environmentalist David Suzuki, fund-raiser Terry Fox, athlete Rick Hanson’s Wheels in Motion as well as the Queen. Other images like Signal Hill (NL), the Hopewell Rocks (NB), Chateau Frontenac (QC), a train, an ox cart, a man portaging a canoe, the word “sorry”, television shows like The Red Green Show, Mr. Dress-up, The Friendly Giant and the Great White North, as well as Anne of Green Cables, and the Canadian House Hippo. This enthusiastic body of work has something for everyone to discuss passionately.


Exhibition Schedule

June & July, Burrows Trails Arts Council, McCreary

January 2020, Watson Art Centre, Dauphin


To book this exhibition please contact the Manitoba Arts Network 204-943-0036.