Performing Arts Touring Program

The Manitoba Arts Network connects artists and communities throughout Manitoba. We showcase and promote performing artists, coordinate show bookings for our network of presenters, and schedule block-booked tours for artists.​

Showcase Artist Applications

Performing artists can apply through—a platform which allows applicants to register for several different Showcase events across Canada and the US. Artists from different disciplines who are interested in touring their show in Manitoba (dance, theatre, music, or any other kind of performing art)— are encouraged to apply​


​The Performing Arts Touring Program assists presenters and Showcase-artists by coordinating block-booked tours and one-time performances in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Our 2018/2019 Touring Artists page lists artists available for bookings in Manitoba for the fall/winter 2018/2019 touring season.


An established and expanding provincial network of arts councils, presenter organizations, staff, and volunteers are dedicated to providing live performances that engage, inspire, educate, and entertain. In every region of Manitoba, the arts are valued, celebrated, and shared.

Shows & Venues

Artists and audiences come together in a variety of venues: from quaint country churches, to historic theatres, to state-of-the-art concert halls. Music, theatre, storytelling, song, and dance grace the stages throughout the year in Manitoba’s prairie cities and towns.

Keep up to date with our online app. You can download the app here. 

Manitoba Showcase

​Performing artists from across Canada wishing to tour in Manitoba can apply to preview their show at our annual Manitoba Showcase. Hosted in a different Manitoba community each fall, this event draws presenters from all parts of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario who are looking for artists to bring to their hometown audiences.​