My House as a Life: Outer/Inner Journeys


My House as a Life: Outer/Inner Journeys
an exhibition by Jane Gateson

Touring September 2017 – December 2018
Booking Fee: $150 members / $250 non-members

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Both buildings and people have an exterior that the entire world can see and an interior that may be entirely different from the street view!  Thinking about this universal theme resulted in my painting 10 diptychs (acrylic on canvas) called My House as a Life: Outer/Inner Journeys. These paintings are autobiographical, a story from birth to death, with parallel exterior and interior views. Outer Journey: the whimsical and allegorical story of a little house as it grows up and, with joy and sorrow, moves from birth (sunrise) through life (mid day) to death (sunset). These paintings include trees, houses and buildings, all as symbols for people, places, and the awakening of my own identity and spirituality.

Inner Journey: the matching 10 abstract paintings (each hung directly below their corresponding outer journey piece) represent my interior life during the corresponding time periods. They are the result of stream of consciousness work I did as I returned to spend time at each of the 8 homes I have lived in during my life.

This body of work offers the viewer an opportunity to consider questions about the passage of time and the gifts and challenges that each life stage brings. My intention is that the visual language of this art, both representative and abstract, will help us recognize, accept and appreciate the season of life we are in and see it in the context of our whole life journey.

This series has been shown at the Mennonite Heritage Gallery in Winnipeg, the Wasagaming Gallery in Clear Lake and the Portage and District Arts Centre in Portage LaPrairie. Viewer’s comments reflect appreciation both for the link between the inner and outer journey and the use of colour.

Touring September 2017 to December 2018
​exhibition is available to book
Exhibition Dates: November 2017
The Creative Cocoon
Arborg, Manitoba


December 2017 &
January  2018

Burrows Trails Arts Council
McCreary, Manitoba

Audience Engagement Activities
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Artist Biography:
Several years ago, I began thinking about the similarities between buildings and people. Often I would go into a building or a house and think, “I wish this building could talk…. could tell me about the life that has gone on inside it.” Houses are a lot like us. We take each day as it comes, some sunny and some stormy. We start brand new, we weather, our foundations crumble a little, we get a new paint job along the way, maybe even a new addition. After a time our exterior is gone. But some remember “that blue house that used to be on the corner.” And, like buildings, we have an outer appearance that is visible to all and an inner story that often remains unseen. Working on this series I was increasingly aware of the various, and fleeting, stages of life, and wanted to respond, in my art, to the question posed by the poet Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” The journey of life is a gift, mysteriously wrapped in seasons of joy, grief, waiting, transition, new beginnings and celebration.

I enjoy using colour and archetypal images in my work as a way of telling a story that can lead the viewer to a deeper place of reflection.