Member Recognition Award

Information about the 2019 Member Recognition Award will be released later in the summer. If you have questions that are not answered in these FAQ’s please send us a phone call or email. 


This award is to recognize an outstanding body of work, as well as long-standing service showing exemplary excellence in arts & culture.

Who can nominate someone for the award?

Only full & associate members may cast nominations. If you are not a full-member, apply here.

Who can be nominated for the award?

Anyone affiliated with your arts organization, from administrators to volunteers, can be nominated!

What are the qualities that a nominee should have?

A nominee must be in good-standing/affiliated with a Manitoba Arts Network member. Nominees will have commitment to developing the arts in their community, as well as artistic and managerial excellence. A nominee may also be someone who is optimistic, hardworking, and inspirational!

When will the award be given?

The Member Recognition Award will be presented annually at Manitoba Showcase.

How do I nominate someone for this award?

Forms will be available in the summer time. 

How long until nominations close?

Please stay tuned when the 2019 nominations are released.

How is a winner selected?

All nominations will be considered by a jury. The jury may contact the nominator/nominee for additional information.

Additional questions to think about:

Who inspires you? Who makes you proud of your community? Who deserves a standing ovation?