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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Manitoba Showcase Submission

March 14, 2019

For performing artists wanting to tour Manitoba, your best bet is to apply to showcase at Manitoba Showcase. Applications are now open at for performers of all types, from music (traditional, contemporary, classical, jazz, hip hop etc.), dance, theatre, and variety acts. Besides being an opportunity to showcase, the conference also features seminars, workshops, one on one meetings, an 

artist tradeshow exhibit room and networking events, all focused on connecting artists, agents, industry professionals, and arts presenters.

Manitoba Showcase 2019 will be held October 24th-27th in Winkler, MB, and will feature 15 – 20 performing artists.

We have put together a list of tips to help you increase your chances of getting selected to showcase at Manitoba’s premier performing arts conference!


  1. Live Videos are Best

Live performance videos are always preferred over a music video and audio clips. So if you don’t submit a live performance video, there is a chance the jury will try finding one Online. Way better for you to be in control over what they see, right? In fact, it’s likely the jurors won’t even watch a full music video because it doesn’t reflect how you will perform on stage and interact with the audience. Avoid amateur shots like shaky clips of the audience; low quality in a noisy, dark venue won’t paint a flattering picture of your performance skills.

  1. Stick to the Point

Our jurors are busy people, and going through hundreds of applications can be quite a daunting task. Make sure you get to the point quickly and are clear and concise (less is more), but still cover all the requirements. Jurors may only read the first few sentences in your bio for example, so put the most impressive stuff first. Don’t add unnecessary information because you think it’ll beef up your application. Highlight anything that sets you apart and that are unique selling features, like school concerts or workshops. If you can tour with your own sound equipment and have a technician, you have a unique advantage and should include this in your application at an additional cost.

  1. Don’t Submit an incomplete Application

Every year we get many incomplete applications. For example, if the jurors don’t have a video, or a tech rider for example, they won’t have what they need to make a judgment. It is crucial that, if you don’t fully understand something in the application process, to call or email MAN’s office – we are here to help. 204-943-0036.

  1. Pricing your Shows 

If pricing your shows could be done with a formula, here are some of the components to consider:

  1. What the Manitoba rural market can afford (Keep in mind that Manitoba is a unique market (40% of Manitoba’s population is based in Winnipeg and our rural presenters may not be able to afford the same fee as urban presenters in large cities such as Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.)
  2. How many tickets do you think a community will sell? Our average presenter audience is 200-300, with some at just 100. (Majority of population in rural MB is 2000-8000)
  3. What are your expenses?
  4. What is your projected revenue?

In the application you will be giving us 4 different artists’ fees for: 1 booking, 2-3 booking, 4-7 bookings and 8 or more bookings. The presenter will at all times know how many other presenters are interested in booking you from our online booking system and therefore now what fee they will be paying.

The one booking price should be your highest fee and should decrease by at least $250-$500 or more for each. The more reasonable your rate is the more likely you will get bookings. With larger tours (4-7) sometimes more presenters jump on board the tour as the price decreases, because you have now entered a price that fits within their budget when your price may have been out of reach at the 2-3 booking price.

  1. Your Online Presence

Do you have only the most representable videos embedded on your home page, or YouTube channel? Yes, applicants should have a professional website with a bio, videos, photos, contact information, touring dates (both past and present), up-to-date news and media info. You can be sure that the Jurors will be checking your social media and website when making their decisions. So make sure your online platforms are up-to-date, you don’t want the jurors to end up with videos you wouldn’t have sent them in the first place.  

If this just made you curious or if you need some extra help, contact the Performing Arts Coordinator at MAN with any application questions you may have.  204 943 0036.

We truly do want to see you succeed!

Ready to submit? CLICK HERE!

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